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General Informaton



           7 Divisions of 16 Teams ~ Bracket Format

           Division names: Platinum, Gold, Diamond, Silver, Bronze, Green,                   and Iron 


           Damien High School Athletic Center

           Damien High School Events Center

           Ramona Middle School

           Bonita High School

           Life Pacific University

           Charter Oak High School

           San Dimas High School


           Mark Christopher Auto Center and the Eric Jensen Family                                   Foundation will be our Title Sponsors.

           Corporate Sponsors include: State Farm Insurance, Pacific Western               Bank, The Apartment Dealer, Power Crunch, Banks Power,                               Winklers, The Complete Athlete, Cal Empire Engineering, and                           James Litho.

           Partnering Sponsors are: Vanllee Hotel & Suites, REV Varsity, and                   Funky Monkey.



Damien Campus Sites
           $15.00 General Admission
           $5.00 Student Admission with ID from competing school
           $5.00 Children 12 and under
           $2.00 Discount to Senior Citizens
           FREE Children 5 and under

Courtside Seats (Damien Athletic Center)

          Reserved Courstside Seat

              1 Day - $75 

              5 Days - $300 (5 Days for price of 4)


          Reserved Courstside Seat w/ Hospitality Room Access

              1 Day - $100

              5 Days - $400 (5 Days for price of 4)

              Hospitality room includes 2 meals a day (Lunch and Dinner),                            continental breakfast, and snacks/refreshments. 

Courtside Seats can be bought online at GoFan! Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis, get yours before they are gone!

Alternate Sites      

            $12.00 General Admission         

            $5.00 Student Admission with ID from competing school  

            $5.00 Children 12 and under            

            $2.00 Discount to Senior Citizens          

            FREE Children 5 and under


           At Damien ONLY – Spectator parking  will have a $10.00 charge.                     You will be directed to park in a specified parking lot on campus.  

           At Bonita, Ramona, Charter Oak, San Dimas, and Life Pacific                             College  –  There is NO charge for spectator parking.

Hospitality Room

           Will be available for coaches, credentialed media, college coaches,             VIP, and Sponsors. The Hospitality room will be between the two                 gyms at Damien High School under the covered lunch area north                 of the Athletic Center. 


           All other sites will have hospitality rooms also which will be in a                   designated area which host will direct coaches too. Coaches who               are playing at sites others than Damien are encouraged to come to             the Hospitality Room on the Damien Campus.


Team Entrance

           In the Athletic Center, the entrance  is to the right side of the main               gate. The Event Center, entrance is to the right of the main glass                 doors. Ramona MS, Bonita HS, Charter Oak HS, San Dimas HS and                   Life Pacific University there will have one entrance.

           Cheer Squads: Cheer Squads will NOT be admitted .  They will enter             at the main gate and pay student entrance fee.

           All Schools will receive a packet with all passes upon arrival.

           Players will be allowed access for your game, free re-entry is not                 permitted once you leave the gym after games played. If players                 would like to come back to watch other games,  they will enter at               the main gate and pay student entrance fee.

Locker Rooms

           Athletic Center:

                  2 Locker Rooms on Home Side

                  2 Locker Rooms on Visitor Side

                  Officials Locker Room 


           Event Center:

                  2 Locker Rooms in Spartan Hall

                  Officials Locker Room in Aquatics Office 

           San Dimas HS, Bonita HS, Ramona MS, Life Pacific Univ, and Charter             Oak HS, will use school locker rooms.

           Hosting of Teams – There will be a host at each location to greet                   and address any needs of coaches and teams.  

Team Information


Game Ball

           The tournament will provide the official game basketball for each               game at all sites as well as balls for warm-ups.  Teams do not need               to bring basketballs to the event.

Uniform Colors

           The TOP team on the bracket sheet will be designated the home                   team and wear white uniforms.  The BOTTOM team will wear the                 dark uniforms.


Game Officials 

           The Foothill-Citrus Officials Association will schedule games.  All                   Platinum, Gold and Diamond games will have a 3 Official Crew. A 2               Official Crew will be used for all other games except for Semi                           Championship/Championship of Silver Division & Championship                   Games of Bronze, Green, Iron Division. 

Athletic Trainer

           "The Classic at Damien” will provide Trainers at all (7) sites based                 on athletic trainer availability. Please provide tape if you need                     your players to be taped prior to game.

Official Scorekeeper

           The Tournament will provide the Official Scorekeeper for each                       game in the tournament.  We will provide space for your                                   scorekeeper also.  


           We will have P.A. announcers for all Platinum, Gold, and Diamond               Division games. Silver, Bronze, Green, Iron Division games will                       have P.A. announcer when available. All Final Games will have P.A.             Announcer.


           If the situation arises where two teams from the same league                         would be scheduled to play each other in consolation game, the                 tournament reserves the right to switch brackets as to prevent                     this. 

Game Information
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